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How to ace an interview

September 16th, 2021

How to ace an interview

Whenever someone applies for a job either as a fresher or for a senior role, there has to be a face-to-face interview round with the potential employer. It’s a usual part of the selection process before receiving a job offer. A job interview gives a chance to show the qualities and make a good impression on the recruitment team. The candidate has to perform at his best during this important interaction. Here we will discuss how to ace an interview with big companies, including job interview tips for common job interview questions and the best interview answers. However, there is no standard rule and it all depends on how one presents his capabilities and potential in front of the interview board.

How to Crack Interview with Flying Colours!

To increase the chances of getting success in a job interview one needs to take time to prepare before meeting with the hiring team. Research about the topics they are likely to discuss, find ways to position yourself as a strong candidate, and opportunities to make a positive impression on the interview board. Here are some job interview tips to keep in mind while preparing for a successful job interview.

  1. Research potential employer: 

Before the interview, get sufficient knowledge about the organization; about its values, culture, goals, and mission. Get updates on the recent announcements and recent news about the organization to study its latest achievements and future goals. More information gives more confidence to face the interview.

  1. Review the job description: 

Study the job profile you are applying for, and prepare for the job’s roles. Pay attention to required skills and experience, and focus on the responsibilities that a successful candidate needs to handle. Consider how your qualifications align with the job description so you can produce relevant examples during the interview.

  1. Practice answering interview questions: 

The interview may include several company-related or job-specific topics. However, most interviews include a few standard questions that one needs to practice how to answer. Focus on the questions and be ready with appropriate responses relevant to the organization, the position, and your qualifications and goals. 

  1. Dress appropriately for the interview: 

The dress code also helps to make a pleasant impact on the interview board and reflects your personality and choices. A formal outfit one is expected to wear in an interview. The interview attire must look professional as well as comfortable. 

  1. Follow up after the interview: 

At the end, candidates can show their interest in the job and company by asking informed questions. Show your interest in corporate culture and organizational goals as well as opportunities for professional development and growth. Express thanks to the interview team, reiterate your interest in the position and express your pleasant experience for the interview. 

Apart from the job-related and professional questions, there are always some questions that are being asked mostly in job interviews to judge the behavioral and thinking pattern of the candidate. One has to be prepared to answer such common interview questions. Below are some of the common questions one is likely to receive in a job interview.

  • Can you tell me about yourself? (Interviewers often start with this question to learn about the background of the candidate)
  • What are your greatest strengths and weaknesses? (To assess how much you are aware of areas you can contribute and where you could improve)
  • Why do you want this position? (To determine what is your understanding about  the job and the company)
  • Why should the company hire you? (Expect you explain why you are the best candidate for the job)

Job Interview Tips and Tricks to Prepare Effectively!

Based on experience and research, experts recommend some best answers to interview questions that are generally appreciated and help to create a good impression on the hiring team. Interesting and witty answers always highlight the personality and attitude of a candidate.

The candidate is expected to tell about himself at the beginning of the interview. But don’t just memorize the CV and use it as a reference point to add something interesting or key events other than what your CV tells. It is preferable to mention current roles and achievements before briefing about your career path. These tactics help to establish his professional journey and other important milestones.

While responding to questions about weakness, the best interview answers aim at highlighting the area where you have already taken steps to improve. Using this strategy one can add a positive aspect to a question by indicating the weakness as an indirect strength about the job.

Last but Not the Least!

One has to look confident and not panicked even if he faces some unexpected or tricky questions. The profile is selected means you have some plus points above others. Be honest, and focus on your positive outlook. It will benefit even if one is unemployed and utilizes the time for learning new skills and preparing for job openings. An appropriate answer reflects one’s ability to handle a challenge towards fruitful results. If you wish to learn more or need guidance to prepare for your upcoming interview, you can enrol yourself into a job-oriented course from upGrad Campus and become interview ready too!

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