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Full Stack Development101 Course:
Get skills that get you placed

  • Pay After Placement Option Available
    Pay After Placement Option Available
  • 150+ Hours of Instructor-led Live Sessions
    150+ Hours of Instructor-led Live Sessions
  • Assignments & Hackathons
    Hands-on course with Assignments & Hackathons
  • 10+ Tools & Platforms with 6+ Projects
    10+ Tools & Platforms with 6+ Projects
  • 60+ Hours of Placement Training
    60+ Hours of Placement Training
  • Program Experts from Google, Uber, LinkedIn
    Program Experts from Google, Uber, LinkedIn
  • Learn Front-end, Back-end and Web Development
    Learn Front-end, Back-end and Web Development
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Program Highlights


6 Months

Course Duration



Hiring Partners



Learning Hours



Sessions with Mentors


Our program makes you 5x more job-ready!


Covers in-depth Object-oriented programming, front-end development, back-end development and MERN stack


Live and recorded classes with experts from Meesho, Google, Uber


Code Generation and Integration using ChatGPT and OpenAI


Three certificates that will help your CV stand out


Live Projects with interactive and hands-on sessions


A course that converts beginners into Full Stack Developers

No coding background needed

Start your coding journey without any prior background. Learn Java, HTML, CSS, React, MongoDB from scratch.

Hackathons & Assignments

Get hands-on practice on 10+ tools with assignments and participate in Hackathons to show-off your skills.

Build your first application

Develop the front-end and back-end of a real-life BookMyMovie application making use of industry tools.

Github Profile & Interview Prep

Build a packed GitHub profile from scratch, and access commonly asked interview questions.

Flexible Payment Options

Choose from standard and pay after placement options. Easy EMIs available for your convenience.

Networking Opportunities

Interact with Subject Matter Experts from renowned organisations and learn in the company of like-minded peers.

Get trained in 20+ tools & technologies

  • Babel

  • Bootstrap

  • CSS

  • ESLint

  • Express

  • Git

  • HTML

  • IntelliJ

  • Java

  • JavaScript

  • mongoDB

  • mongoose

  • nodeJs

  • nodemon


  • React

  • Redux

  • SQL

  • VS Code

  • webpack

  • ChatGPT

  • OpenAI


Our course curriculum is curated for college students like you!

  • Java - Variables & Data types
  • Java - Conditionals, Loops & Functions
  • Abstraction, Encapsulation & Inheritance
  • Polymorphism, Arrays & Linked Lists
  • Course Project - UTalk - OOP

  • Algorithm Analysis with Run-time Analysis
  • Implementing Searching & Sorting Algorithms
  • Solving Problems using Dynamic Programming (Optional)
  • Greedy Algorithm (Optional)
  • Assignment - upGradBook - Searching & Sorting

  • Stacks & Queues
  • Assignment - Upzilla - Stacks & Queues
  • HashTables, HashMaps and HashSets
  • Binary Trees & Binary Search Trees
  • Graphs & Graph Algorithms
  • Priority Queues & Heaps (Optional)
  • Hackathon - Data Structures & Algorithms

  • Accessing APIs using Spring and POSTMAN (Optional)
  • Building Web Pages Using HTML & CSS
  • DOM Manipulation Using JavaScript
  • Building Interactive Project Management App (Optional)
  • Advanced JavaScript and (optional) ES6
  • Back-End Integration Using HTTP
  • Course Project - Scribbler - Dynamic Blogging Website Project

  • Fundamentals of React.js
  • React Hooks and Redux
  • Capstone Project I - upGrad E-shop
    • Frontend development using React

  • Fundamentals of Node.js
  • Database Management Systems with SQL
  • Database Management Systems with MongoDB
  • Advanced Development with Express.js
  • Capstone Project II - BookMyMovie
    • Server-side development using Node

  • Using ChatGPT for Communication and Research
  • Leveraging ChatGPT for Code Generation
    • Low-Code Development
    • Front-End Development
    • Back-End Development
    • Database Management
  • Introduction to OpenAI and its APIs
  • Understanding OpenAI’s Node.js Library
  • GenAI Hands-on Masterclass
    • Build a full-fledge application with an integrated smart chatbot in this LIVE Hands-on session

Create, Code, Compete

Participate in our uber-competitive Hackathons and apply your learnings in a race against the clock!

7 Practical Projects that prepare you for the Industry

Capstone Project I - Frontend Development Project using React

Build the front end of an e-commerce platform similar to Amazon. In this project, ...

Capstone Project II - Movie Booking Application Project

Build a BookMyShow clone that has features of a movie app such as movie booking,...

Discussion Forum Project

Build a simpler version of the Discussion Forum of UpGrad platform that can run lo...

Searching and Sorting Algorithms

Build features of a private social network created for all the students who have gra...

Stacks & Queues

Implement the browsing history feature, where you track the websites that the user...

Dynamic Blogging Website Project

In this project, learners will apply their knowledge of HTML, CSS and JavaScript to...

Phone Book Application Project

Implement features such as user management, updating user information, integrate...

Level up your Full Stack Development
game by using ChatGPT

  • Leverage ChatGPT for communication and research tasks
  • Utilise ChatGPT for generating code snippets, automating repetitive tasks, and enhancing the development process
  • Get the skills to develop intelligent chatbots within a low-code development environment using ChatGPT for code generation and OpenAI API for chatbot integration

Pricing Plans

1. Standard Plan

One-time payment

₹75,000 ₹65,000/-

2. Pay after Placement

Pay on Enrollment
₹ 40,000/-


Post placement
10% of CTC

EMI options available for all plans

Our alumni are currently working in


Learn from the top industry experts

  • Afra Ansaria

    Afra Ansaria

    Co-Founder, CTO , Stealth

  • Aishwarya Rai

    Aishwarya Rai

    Product Manager, Sofy.ai

  • Shakun Gupta

    Shakun Gupta

    Director of Software Engineering, Binocs.co

  • Ankit Maheshwari

    Ankit Maheshwari

    Senior Software Engineer, Uber

  • Vishwa Mohan

    Vishwa Mohan

    Chief Information Officer, PhysicsWallah

  • Rohan Kapadia

    Rohan Kapadia

    Lead Software Engineer, MoEngage Inc.

  • Srishti Gupta

    Srishti Gupta

    Software Engineer, Meesho

  • Joy Mukherjee

    Joy Mukherjee

    Engineering Manager, Google

  • Dr. Koushik S

    Dr. Koushik S

    Java Developer, Tata nexarc

  • Nobal Mohan

    Nobal Mohan

    Director of Engineering, Atlan

  • Sakshi Jain

    Sakshi Jain

    Senior Engineering Manager, SumoLogic

  • Roshan Jose

    Roshan Jose

    Co-Founder and CPTO, eSlams


🧡Why our students love upGrad Campus🧡

Sourav Nag

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I joined this course to transition from a background in Mechanical Engineering. Coming from a rural area in Purba Barddhaman, my options felt limited. However, this course has truly been a game-changer for me. The curriculum laid a solid foundation and the instructors were great. As I’m close to completing my degree, I feel confident that I'm well-prepared to land a job soon as a developer.

Akash Silas

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


Celebrating my new certification! Upon completion of the Full Stack Development course, I had a wonderful experience with upGrad Campus. Throughout this 11 months of journey, mentors were so supportive, the course material was perfect for the industry, and the journey was worth every second. Thank you upGrad Campus!

Nikhil Nair

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I am thrilled to share with you all that I have successfully completed my Full Stack Development course at upGrad Campus. Additionally, I have gained advanced proficiency in Frontend development using React. Special thanks to our SME Sagar Jangra, TA Naresh Saharan and TA Michael Choudhary!

Sahil Chakote

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I am glad to share that I have successfully completed the Full Stack Development course from upGrad Campus. During this I got training on Data Structures and Algorithms as well as front-end technologies such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Thanks to Harish Lalwani sir, Nainu Wadhwa ma’am, Kriti Vijay ma’am and Shikhar Gupta for this great learning experience.

Renuka Takle

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


My favorite part would be the live module solving, which is different from what other educational websites offer. Every topic that we'd ever need to study is practiced in these modules. I especially love the project system. Plus, I got genuinely nice placement offers, giving me a great opportunity for individual growth.

Chandana GA

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I graduated from SJCIT in Computer Science, but I felt programming was very tough. I got to know about the Full Stack Development course by upGrad Campus and thought about upgrading my skills. I want to thank each and every person in the team who helped me learn Java easily and made me believe that coding was not as difficult as I thought.

Deshmukh Somesh

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


upGrad Campus's commitment to bridging the gap between education and real-world opportunities was evident when I secured a Software Engineering internship through my college, thanks to the knowledge and skills I had gained from the Full Stack Developer course. This internship has been a tremendous learning experience, allowing me to apply what I've learned and gain valuable practical insights.

Pranay Pratik

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I’m very delighted to share my latest achievement on completing the Full Stack & Development program from upGrad Campus. It’s really been an incredible journey of learning and being involved in learning with upGrad Campus is something like upgrading myself with skills that will be very relevant in uplifting my career in a better way and eager to apply my Full Stack Development skills in the real world!

Rudra Prasad Barad

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I extend my heartfelt gratitude to upGrad Campus for providing me with an exceptional learning environment. This immersive learning experience has equipped me with the necessary knowledge and tools to navigate the dynamic world of web development. The instructors, with their extensive expertise and unwavering support, have played a pivotal role in my growth as a developer. Their guidance and mentorship have been invaluable.

Akash V

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


A big thanks to upGrad Campus for providing such a comprehensive and hands-on learning experience. Over the past 9 months, I've gained proficiency in front-end, back-end development, version control, tools, and problem-solving in the realm of software development. From building responsive user interfaces to creating robust server-side applications, this journey has been a challenging yet incredibly rewarding experience.

Komal Dubey

Full Stack Development
Student at upGrad Campus


I'm thrilled to share that I've earned a Full Stack Development certificate from upGrad Campus. This journey has been an incredible experience, packed with hands-on learning, building powerful web applications, and gaining expertise in MERN stack technologies. A huge shoutout to the team for their exceptional support and top-notch curriculum.


Crack interviews easily with Placement Plus!

Our extensive placement training will help you tick all the right boxes to land you your dream job as a Full Stack Developer.

  • placement

    3 Assured Interviews

  • placement

    One-on-one sessions

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    300+ Hiring Partners

  • placement

    Resume building

  • placement

    Mock interviews

  • placement

    Soft skills training

Boost your chances of getting placed by purchasing our placement plus along with the certificate programs

You Get Upto


Fee Waiver

Get certified to gain exciting career opportunities

Add the certification to your resume and open doors to new opportunities in the roles of:

  • Full Stack Developer

  • UI Developer

  • Frontend Developer

  • Software Developer

  • React Developer

and more!
*Ranked as per SR Education in 2020

Make a stand-out job-application with 2 additional certificates

Get a certificate for every milestone you complete during the course.

Fundamentals in programming
Advanced Frontend Development

Have more questions? We've got you!

Full Stack Development is one of the most in-demand job roles for all companies today. There are over 55,000+ job openings for various roles in the field of Full Stack Development. And what recruiters really want are a versatile range of skills in software development. Instead of taking a standalone front end developer course or a backend developer course, you need a certification program that gives you practical exposure in all aspects of Full Stack Development.

That’s where upGrad Campus’s Full Stack Development certification course comes in.

A love for interactive websites, interfaces and apps is the first set of criteria to take up our Full Stack Development course. The entire program is designed for beginners, and covers everything starting from the very basics, including programming with Java and Javascript all the way to advanced frontend and backend development concepts. A coding background is not compulsory to take up this course (although having knowledge of how variables, data types, loops, conditionals & functions work in a programming language will definitely give you a headstart).

There are two ways to apply for the Full Stack Development Certification course at upGrad Campus.

  • If you have any queries regarding the full stack web development program, you can click on the Talk To Our Learning Consultants button on the website. Our Learning Consultants will reach out to you and will counsel you accordingly. Further, you can pay the admissions fee and block your seat to enroll in the program.
  • If you’d like to join the upcoming batch immediately, simply click on the Enroll Now button on the website. You will be guided on the next steps to pay the course fee and get access to the Full Stack Development course materials.

Our Certification Program will help you get positions as a certified Full Stack Developer, Frontend developer, UI developer, React Developer, Software Developer or a Web Application Developer. Due to the vast nature of this field, our course will also help you branch out comfortably into any other role of your preference.

Full Stack Development is a vast field with a lot of new concepts to learn. In order to master the various concepts and tools, we recommend our learners to spend at least 3 hours on a daily basis. However, since we have recorded sessions included with your course, you can choose how and when you want to study.

Apart from this, every weekend, we conduct 2 hours of Live sessions and 2 hours of Doubt clearing sessions. Live sessions are conducted with Subject Matter Experts who will explain the concepts in detail, and during doubt clearing sessions, you can directly ask your queries to Teaching Assistants.

Keeping your college workload in mind, the Live classes to learn Full Stack Development are scheduled every Saturday, Sunday from 7 pm to 9 pm.

Our Full Stack Development course covers multiple projects that give you hands-on experience. These projects include building a dynamic blog website, a Front-end project where learners will design a movie booking site and Hackathon days to name a few. Each of these projects is based on real-world scenarios.These projects will be Live and will give you the opportunity to apply your skills even as you take your first step into the industry.

Plus, all learners are given a GitHub profile, so learners can practise and work on their skills at any time. Even after completing the course!

Due to the nature of your Full Stack Development course, you will require a Laptop to complete your projects.

The learning content will be available to access for 3 years post completion of your course.

At the start of the Full Stack Developer certification course, you will be assigned a mentor. The role of your mentor is to help you through your course and assess your progress along the way. Mentors are there to guide you through any queries or issues you may have during the course.

In addition, you will also be guided by Subject Matter Experts who will conduct the Live sessions and by Teaching Assistants who will help resolve your doubts.

We provide an extensive range of resources for you to dip into. Every weekend, you will have doubt clearing sessions, where you can get answers to your queries in a one-on-one manner from Teaching Assistants and Subject Matter Experts. Furthermore, you can also connect with other students in the forum and get any peer support you need.

Yes, placement training is integrated in our job-ready Full Stack Development Program, where our dedicated Mentors will guide and train you for getting placed in your dream company.

By the end of this program, you’ll get interview-ready via profile building, resumé proofing and updation, employability tests, group discussions, mock interviews and more. And the best part? You get 3 assured internship/job opportunities upon signing up for these programs.

Still need help? We're just a click away!


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upGrad Campus is a part of upGrad, the go-to education platform for learners all over the world. Realising that there is a wide gap between college curriculum and the industry needs, upGrad Campus is on a mission to make students job-ready as they face the real world.

Our Certification Programs are specially designed keeping the needs of college students in mind, and they are as affordable as they are immersive with live classes, mentor support, real-world projects, doubt-clearing and networking sessions.

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