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5 reasons why coding will be India’s most in-demand skill in 2022

February 15th, 2022

5 reasons why coding will be India’s most in-demand skill in 2022

The IT industry has seen a lot of ups and downs in the past two decades. First, there was the boom, followed by a short-lived period of lull. With the norm of online shopping, content streaming and social media, it’s back on the rise again. 

Today, more than ever, coding skills are in high demand. So if you’re still uncertain about whether to pursue your passion in coding or not, here are a few pointers that should clarify your doubts:

  1. Pandemic has bumped up the demand for tech. 
Pandemic has bumped up the demand for tech.


The last two years have exposed the shortcomings in every industry - all because of the Coronavirus pandemic. Companies are increasingly recognising the benefit of automating manual processes, which means they need to rely on tech, and by extension, people with coding skills.

Even now, it’s hard to predict accurately what the next few years will look like. But one thing is for certain - tech is here to stay, and so are all the associated job opportunities. As people are getting accustomed to the new normal that the two years of the pandemic have brought on, companies are on a hiring spree to get the ball on tech rolling.

  1. Every industry today has a technological counterpart.
Every industry today has a technological counterpart.

That’s right. Finance now has an associated FinTech field. Education has a corresponding EdTech field; health has HealthTech, and the list continues. And they’re all industries in their own right.

What does this mean? Simply that your job opportunities are not limited to IT companies alone. If you have studied tech but are interested in the business or operational aspects, or vice versa, the right certification program can open several doors for you as a tech consultant in non-tech companies as well.

  1. Our need for cyber security has grown.
Our need for cyber security has grown.

As businesses are increasingly digitising and adopting various payment modes like UPI and digital wallets, monetary transactions have practically exploded all over the world. Brands today are using social media login to set up customer accounts. Further, every organisation today works on a network; and all of these touchpoints are vulnerable to cyber attacks.

In the light of these, data privacy, protection and information security are becoming areas of concern. The stakes have increased to not just safeguarding critical information, but also the company’s reputation.

Cyber security has, therefore, become one of the most in-demand roles in any organisation. And the primary skill that this expertise needs is coding.  

  1. The job landscape has changed dramatically.
The job landscape has changed dramatically.

According to LinkedIn’s Emerging Job Report, Data Science, AI, Full Stack Development and Cyber Security are among the top 10 contenders. Back-end Development made it to a close number 11. All these roles require employees to have knowledge of coding to varying degrees.

As practically every brand is offering its products and services by means of an app, Full Stack Development and Back-end Development have become quite popular, and cover various aspects of coding. Both Data Science and AI require other specialised skills, such as Machine Learning and Data Visualisation, along with knowledge of programming in Python. 

  1. Programming courses are available at all levels.
Programming courses are available at all levels.

That’s the beauty of coding. One can always start from the ground up and work their way to expertise. IT needs and subsequently, opportunities can range from simple website maintenance to developing complex architecture for business applications. For each of these needs, there are courses to help you bridge the gap.

Sure, you can always learn on your own through tutorials and books, but a Certification Program makes all the difference in helping you get specialised knowledge and opportunities in your area of expertise.

It’s unimaginable to think today of any field that doesn’t have any digital or technical presence. Driven by tech, our country has a myriad of opportunities for anyone who wants to pursue their dream job in IT. If you’re someone who is just starting off their IT career, we recommend you to check out our Certification Course on Essentials of Programming and build your skills in two of the top 4 programming languages of the world. 

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