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Best data analytics online courses in 2021

October 14th, 2021

Best data analytics online courses in 2021

With the advancement of technology, there is abundant data that needs to be managed by the organization to get the maximum benefit in business. Data analysis has become the core competency of any success-oriented company. To excel in the field and get competitive advantages, an organization has to take the help of data analytics to make strategic decisions. In today’s scenario, every organization needs to collect, preserve, and analyze their data for improving business and gaining a competitive advantage. So, for skilled data analytics professionals, there is an ocean of opportunities across industries and to become skilled in this field one needs to enrol in Data analytics online courses.

Data Analytics Online Courses 

With such a huge volume of data, the role of data analytics has become more important in the organizational scenario. A data analytics course helps you to acquire the right skill set and knowledge that can open up new avenues and opportunities. Data analytics courses for beginners are designed with industry-relevant curriculum and case studies, which provides the beginners with valuable skills and expertise to serve the industry. Many basic data analytics courses for beginners focus on providing knowledge about the basic tools and software used in data analytics courses. 

Best Data Analytics Courses

Best data analytics courses focus on developing the ability to transform data into business insights for impactful decision making. The courses help to build the capability in business intelligence tools and their practical applications across multiple domains, to gain effective data-driven problem-solving skills. 

upGrad Campus, Coursera etc are some top online platforms that offer data analytics online courses. These data analytics courses are suitable for freshers, working professionals as well as entrepreneurs interested in building a strong foundation in modern business practices using an advanced analytical approach. The data analytics online courses cover job-relevant topics through an applied learning model with live sessions by leading industry professionals. The course curriculum includes hands-on applied projects through an online platform, live virtual classrooms, and access to regular learning support. 

Some colleges and universities offer data analytics courses in India at bachelor's and master's levels. The programs available for Bachelors degree in data analytics are B.Tech (Data Science and Data Analytics), B.Sc with specialization in data analytics, M.Sc in Data Analytics or other degrees with data analytics as one of the specializations. Anyone interested in a career boost in data analytics can opt for data analytics certification. 

The following data analytics certification courses offer ample opportunities to aspiring candidates looking for a successful career in data analytics.

Google Data Analytics Certification is a professional certification course by Google which aims at giving a thorough understanding of practices and processes of data analytics in day-to-day jobs. 

Amazon Web Services (AWS) data analytics certification course provides knowledge on analytical tools and applications using cutting-edge technology and real-life projects. It offers the opportunity to professionals associated with AWS, having few years of experience.

Microsoft Certified Data Analysts Associate Course teaches about the need for business intelligence and the use of BI tools that are used by data analysts. It is of two types of course; online for free and instructor-led paid courses.

IBM Data Analytics Professional Certificate on Coursera aims at building proficiencies for using tools in various data analysis tasks. It's a free enrollment course with a duration of 11 months at 3 hours/week. It is a beginner-level course and no prior experience is needed, except basic computer skills.

Data Analytics Courses Fees

The data analytics course fees for certification ranges between INR 12,000 to INR 22,000. The data analytics courses for beginners in India provide Bachelors’ degrees with specialization in data analytics and also diploma or PG diploma. The data analytics course fees vary between institutions and depend on the level of degree/certification provided. Given below are some of the data analytics courses offered by different institutes and their corresponding fees.

  • Diploma in Data Analytics (MDU Rohtak): INR 30,000
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics (SPPU Pune): INR 20,000
  • BSc (Hons) Data Science & Analytics (Sharda University, Greater Noida): INR 92,000
  • BTech with Specialization in Big Data Analytics ( LPU Jalandhar): INR 2,40,000
  • BTech with Specialization in Big Data Analytics in association with IBM (PDM University): INR 1,35,000

Data Analytics Courses Syllabus

The data analytics course syllabus aims at developing knowledge on analytics tools and their applications across business functions. It helps to build a successful analytics capability that has a very important application in the organizational environment. The basic topics that form the part of the data analytics course syllabus are as follows: Data structure and algorithm, Statistical Analysis, Machine languages, Data Visualization, Marketing analytics, Supply chain Analytics, Forecasting Analytics, Relational Database Management.

Data Structures and AlgorithmsSupply Chain Analytics
Probability and StatisticsCustomer Analytics
Relational Database Management SystemsRetail Analytics
Business FundamentalsSocial Network Analysis
Text AnalyticsPricing Analytics
Data CollectionMarketing Analytics
Data VisualizationOptimization
Statistical AnalysisMachine Learning
Forecasting AnalyticsSimulation

The best data analytics courses build a strong foundation on how to solve real business problems using analytical tools. upGrad Campus courses help to develop an in-depth understanding of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and other things to strengthen data-driven decision-making in organizations. 

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