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How to maximise your Job Search in Data Analytics

June 12th, 2023

How to maximise your Job Search in Data Analytics
Table of Contents A job search can be incredibly challenging and often leads to feelings of frustration and discouragement. Couple this with being a fresher or trying to break into a competitive field like Data Analytics, and most people would quit right there!

But not today! If you're looking to maximise your job search in the field of data analytics, here are some tips and tricks to help you stand out from the competition.

Key Data Analytics skills you need in your toolkit

Know the core data analytic skills

Employers today are on the hunt for candidates who know and use analytical tools and concepts, with some degree of mastery. What tools are we referring to?
Here are a few examples:

  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Programming languages like Python and R
  • Zoho Analytics
These tools are currently the hottest in the market and knowing them, is considered the gold standard for a Data Analytics fresher.

Consider partnering up with a mentor

Mentors can provide a wealth of knowledge from their past experiences, to those who are new to the field. They can guide you on required skills, job demands in this field, and even help you to avoid mistakes they may have made before. Friends, family members or anyone who works as a Data Analyst can be your mentor.

Don’t know many Data Analysts in your close circuit? Worry not! Courses like upGrad Campus’s Data Science and Data Analytics Certification course offer students one-to-one mentoring sessions with industry experts.

Never stop learning!

Data Analytics is a constantly evolving field, so it's important to keep learning and stay up-to-date with the latest technologies and techniques introduced in the field. This can help you stand out in the job market and demonstrate your commitment to your career. Consider taking online courses or attending industry conferences to enhance your skills and knowledge.

Targeted Resume and Keywords

A targeted resume means a resume that is modified to suit the job you’re applying for. For example, If you’re applying for a Data Analytics role that requires Machine Learning, then try to highlight the Machine Learning experience you have in the form of projects or internships. Reframe your resume as per the job specifications of that particular company and avoid making only 1 for all the companies you’re applying to.

Secondly, add the keywords that are mentioned in the Job Description. These include the exact skills and responsibilities that the employer expects from the candidate. Since most companies now use softwares to check your resume, your resume will rank high with precise keywords.

Establish an online presence.

An estimated 75% of employers search LinkedIn to better understand their applicants.

To expand your network and job opportunities, LinkedIn is the way to go! Remain active on the platform and lookout for Data Analytics related vacancies and job updates.

Publishing content on LinkedIn is a good way to start interacting with your connections. Publishing a post regularly will not only increase your connections and followers but also attract more recruiters to your profile.

You can also join Social Media, Whatsapp, Telegram or any Slack groups where job opportunities get posted everyday.

Prepare for your interview.

Being prepared for the job interviews with your dream companies is crucial to landing a job in Data Analytics. Here are some ways to shine in your interviews.
  • Prepare a portfolio of your projects or assignments
  • Do a thorough research of the company’s dealings and the role you will be joining in. Understand the company’s corporate culture and prepare accordingly.


Data Science Certification Course - Conclusion

Data Analytics is a tough field to crack, but following these tips closely will make your job hunt a cake walk! But don’t just stop at that, polish your skills too with our Data Science and Data Analytics certification course!

Take your first step towards the goal of becoming a Data Scientist and Analyst with upGrad Campus’s Data Science Certification Course. Gain expertise in this field with comprehensive training and industry-relevant projects. Join a vibrant community of learners and receive personalised mentorship from industry experts. Enroll today!

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