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Success Speaks – True stories from our students!

May 31st, 2023

Success Speaks – True stories from our students!
Table of Contents Welcome to the upGrad Campus, a hub of inspiration, innovation, and boundless possibilities. Join us on a journey of empowerment, as we dive deep into the inspiring stories of those who have embraced upGrad Campus transformative learning programs and emerged as champions in their respective fields.

True Testimonials by our studentse

True testimonials by our students

upGrad Campus is the best online learning platform - at least that’s what our students have to say. Don’t believe us? Just have a look at what our rockstar students have written about us!

Mohammed Askari Sayed: An accomplished AI Engineer and SaaS Product Developer, enrolled in our Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning program. The knowledge and hands-on experience gained through upGrad Campus immersive sessions empowered Mohammed to excel in this field. The program's emphasis on practical application and the guidance of experienced Data Science course trainers created an enriching learning environment. Equipped with the latest skills and certifications, Mohammed has been a valuable asset at companies such as Blenheim Chalcot and AIT Technology Pvt Ltd. We at upGrad Campus are beyond proud to have been a part of his success story!

Mohammed Askari Sayed

Jay Patel: Embarking on a Journey Data & Tech Expertise, Jay Patel, a talented Data Engineer with a passion for Python, enrolled in our Data Science course. Jay attributes his success to the learning and support he received from upGrad Campus, particularly through their partnership with Quantiphi. With upGrad Campus guidance, Jay has taken a bold step towards becoming a sought-after professional at Quantifi!


Kunal Rana: From being a fresher to Tata Power's Rising Star, Kunal Rana has made it really far in his career with the upGrad Campus Placement Plus Program! upGrad Campus’s comprehensive training and dedicated placement support has helped him and countless other freshers prepare for interviews at India’s leading companies.


Shakshi Maheshwari: An aspiring Digital Marketer, Shakshi recently completed upGrad Campus’s Digital Marketing course with flying colours. Over the course of 8 months, she gained valuable knowledge and hands-on experience in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing and more. Enriched with the expertise shared by industry professionals, Shakshi is ready to create impactful campaigns and contribute to the ever-evolving digital landscape.

Shakshi Maheshwari

Suman Kumari: Our Business Analytics program equipped Suman with the latest business analytics tools and techniques used in the industry. Suman delved into practical concepts such as Data Analysis, Visualisation using Tableau, and Optimization for real-life business problems through engaging case studies. She leveraged her new found skills and our Placement Plus program to land a job at Codeyoung as a Relationship Manager.


These are just a few of the thousand of students who achieved success early with the help of our student friendly courses and placement opportunities. If you are interested in trending courses for a successful career with a good package, check out upGrad Campus!



From acquiring in-demand skills and certifications to securing rewarding job opportunities, upGrad Campus comprehensive programs and holistic support have empowered countless individuals to thrive in their chosen fields. You too can join them in the ranks, just head over to and kickstart your career today!

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