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What to Expect if You Choose a Career in Business Analytics ?

September 16th, 2021

What to Expect if You Choose a Career in Business Analytics ?

You must have heard about the most in-demand Business Analytics course. Business analytics involves analyzing data about the performance of an organization to predict how it will perform in the coming days and make business decisions accordingly. Business Analytics roles have been very demanding because organizations put great emphasis on collecting, preserving, and analyzing large amounts of data. This approach is one of the most significant success strategies by all companies globally right now. 

Today, let’s talk about all that you need to know about choosing a career in Business Analytics. So, let’s deep dive into the same and explore more.

  1. Become a Data Oriented Person to Bring Results Which Matters!
  2. Earn High Salary Packages!
  3. Get a Rewarding Career Opportunity!
  4. Be the One Who Makes Strategic Business Decisions for the Organisation!
  5. Choose from the Rewarding Career Opportunities This Field Offers!
  6. Use Your Creative, Analytical and Technical Sides to Explore the Best Career Today!

Before starting to learn more about the above mentioned let’s understand What Exactly a Business Analyst Does?!

The process of data analysis involves descriptive analysis (understanding the past and present business situation), predictive analysis (assessing future business performance based on data), and prescriptive analysis (formulating optimization strategy to achieve better business performance). Business analysts use the information on consumer feedback and buying behavior, and apply that to formulate a marketing strategy. It requires a technical mindset to approach business problems or navigate challenges. 

They collect, analyze, and use data to recommend solutions that will improve performance and drive efficiency in organizations.

Become a Data Oriented Person to Bring Results Which Matters!

Data is one of the biggest assets for a company but it is of no use unless it is processed and utilized for generating results.

Business Analysts use analytical methods to harness this data into powerful knowledge, provide critical insights and ensure support in informed decision-making. Businesses have become data-driven and there is a larger need for professionals to handle these large amounts of data. Consequently, the prospect of business analytics as a career option has also increased. The increased demand for the best analytics companies in India has led to a positive career outlook for those with an analytics background. The working professionals from different backgrounds are opting to learn business analytics to achieve new growth in their careers.

Earn High Salary Packages!

To meet the growing demands for Business Analytics professionals, organizations are offering high salary packages to deserving candidates. 

Analysts are needed in various departments, like Finance, Marketing, Sales and Operations. They can be involved in Product Cycle Management, Client Services, Human Resources, and more. There is a massive demand in the job market (both in India and internationally), so a business analytics degree is an ideal choice for beginners as well as for working professionals who want to transition to the next level of management. In the current business scenario, big data analytics companies require business analysts to deliver results and solutions. 

Get a Rewarding Career Opportunity!

There are many ways to pursue a career as a business analyst. To gain a competitive edge and increase the chances of success, one must acquire a business analytics degree

The study of business analytics typically starts with IT skills and knowledge of a specific industry becomes an added advantage. A course in business analytics will help to develop an ideal combination of business and technical skills highly demanded by prospective employers. With a Masters' Degree in Business Analytics, there is a wide range of entry-level prospects as well as senior positions in big data analytics companies. One can go for a certificate, diploma, postgraduate or doctoral course based on their career choice. 

Be the One Who Makes Strategic Business Decisions for the Organisation!

Around 100 business schools in India are offering courses to learn business analytics. MBA/ PGDM in Business Analytics are some of the popular courses which help students to understand the process through which the business works. 

The students who wish to have a higher business analytics degree can opt for a doctoral program. There is a two years’ full-time residential course that provides students a lifetime experience to learn business analytics from three premier institutions of the country. They develop strong business acumen At IIM Calcutta, a sound statistics background at ISI and IIT Kharagpur teaches them how to apply various techniques to make informed decisions. An IIBA certification (International Institute of Business Analysis), validates the newly acquired skills and gives a competitive advantage. These qualifications are highly regarded by the best analytics companies in India and can raise visibility in the market.

Choose from the  Many Rewarding Career Opportunities This Field Offers!

The job prospects for a business analyst are available in various roles, like market analyst, process analyst, financial analyst, supply chain analyst, etc. With the knowledge and skill of quantitative analysis, they can collect and interpret data, and apply it to decision-making across many areas of the business. 

Many big data analytics companies like McKinsey, Accenture, Deloitte, Morgan Stanley and American Express are appointing professionals who are able to use data to solve business issues, suggest strategy, and communicate with stakeholders. The job opportunities in the Indian market is also encouraging as some of the best analytics companies in India offer good placements for candidates with business analytics qualification and skills. Industry conglomerates like Tata Group, Larsen & Toubro, Reliance, Tech Mahindra are recruiting business analysts to work in various sectors of the organization. The Business Analytics career path is vast as well as flexible. If a person has a business analytics degree with a sound technical background, he can work as a data scientist or solution architect. An analytical approach along with leadership qualities is a good combination for being hired in consultancy roles.

Use Your Creative, Analytical and Technical Sides to Explore the Best Career Today!

Companies have recognized that professionals with innovative thinking and analytical minds are valuable resources for organizations. Business Analytics career is challenging but rewarding for fresher as well as working professionals. During this pandemic situation, the major shift in the quantity and speed of online information is driving organizations to strategically apply data insights to their business models. Many big data analytics companies are taking the support of business analysts to integrate the information gathered from various data sources and using it to form a strategy for business. Business Analytics career scope is vast as there are ample opportunities in the best analytics companies in India which allow professionals to utilize the creative, analytical and technical sides simultaneously.

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