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why video marketing should be part of your online marketing strategy ?

October 11th, 2021

why video marketing should be part of your online marketing strategy ?

Social media use has become pervasive and people have also evolved in terms of communication and content consumption, and so videos are becoming a more and more trending way of communication. This is why video marketing is used as a source of online marketing strategy.

What is Video Marketing?

One of the most popular and effective online marketing strategies nowadays is video marketing. It is a method to promote or market any product or service using videos through an online platform, inform and educate the customers, and engage your audience to get a better response. Over the last few years, the importance of video marketing has grown extensively and this format of marketing is gradually dominating the digital channels. It is being considered the most important technique in the marketing portfolio of a business. Audiences have proven to be much more receptive to videos than other forms of media because they get the content they can rely on and engage with. Even the most detailed written description about a product will not get the level of engagement that a video marketing on the same would be able to achieve. 

  • YouTube Marketing

The best digital medium for video marketing is YouTube which is one of the most popular digital channels in the world. YouTube Marketing is the process of promoting products on the YouTube platform by uploading valuable videos that audiences are expected to view and like. Youtube has consistently proven itself as one of the best-performing platforms in terms of viewership and engagement. Video is a great way to showcase your products or services. These product videos can be prepared with an aim to educate viewers on product features, highlighting new service updates, or announce new offerings for the customers. Consistency is very important on YouTube which increases the chances of reaching a wider and targeted audience. It’s important to put varied content to keep your audience engaged. Also, it’s worth experimenting early with different types of videos to get an idea of which ones work best. There has to be a good YouTube marketing strategy to connect to audiences via video and make their brands noticeable. 

The Youtube marketing strategies should include the following steps:

  • Do the Research to get full information on what competitors are doing, how successful is their video content and where are the gaps in terms of customer experience.
  • Make useful, creative content so that people find videos more personal and engaging.
  • LinkBack to Your Website is one of the best ways to drive traffic to the company website. 
  • Create Calls-to-Action for your users at the end of the video asking them to take some action that can bring some valuable outcome or benefits.
  • Be Consistent with the frequency of posting videos as well as with their quality.

Online Marketing Strategy

The internet has radically transformed the face of business promotion and marketing. People have access to far more resources in the online space than ever before. Therefore there is a need for a strong online marketing strategy that can help companies improve their performance and boost their business. Given below are some of the online marketing strategies that help companies to make effective use of the online platform to reach targeted customers.

  • Web Design​​ : A good web design must be considered as a marketing strategy because it influences the amount of time and attention a user will spend on it. 
  • Search Engine Optimization: This strategy helps to make the relevant topic appear higher on a list of search engine results and increases the chances of being noticed by an individual searching online content on their choices and preferences.
  • Affiliate and Associate Programs:   An affiliate program aims at engaging people who can share product information online on a commission-based platform and helps to grow your market.
  • Email Marketing: It is a strategy to present a personalized approach to marketing through emails and respond to the specific needs of an individual.
  • Maintain a Blog: A blog becomes a channel of communication where you can offer advice, share information, and connect with your customers. It can also be used to consistently post new keywords and optimize your search engine strategy. 
  • Contests and Giveaways: To encourage response from the customer, one can follow the strategy of contests or giveaways in form of free or discounted products or services, that usually see a surge in purchases or connections.

A strong digital marketing campaign is essential to achieve the business goals. There has to be some structured plan and consistency in implementing the strategies. This is where a strong foundation comes into play. The campaign must focus on the audience’s challenges and pain points, identify preferences and expectations, and create content that projects your business as their best solution. 

Digital Marketing Campaigns

The digital marketing campaign can be basically divided into the following steps:

  • Attract More Prospects – Create a wider audience network through content marketing (blogging), email marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click marketing (PPC), and social media campaigns.
  • Convert More Leads – In this phase, we need to convert the prospects from various digital platforms to identifiable leads who are genuinely interested in the product or services. This needs more follow-up and value generation through varied content and compelling videos.
  • Close More Sales – The final stage is to close the sales with leads with the help of new tools and data and building a base of mutual trust for a long-term relationship.

Challenges of Video Marketing

The biggest challenge of video marketing is to build an effective video marketing strategy that focuses on how to create a video that people want to consume or get engaged with. These challenges give rise to the best video marketing practices or strategies. To get effective results from video marketing one must plan, test, and analyze the video content. The videos must also align to your sales funnel as per marketing perspective, but at the same time, they must tell a story and engage your customers. Video marketing is a great way to promote brand awareness. So you can ensure that this marketing method is bound for success by getting started with these key strategies:

  • Brainstorm to decide what stories you want to tell in the video and how.
  • Strategize and plan your videos well advanced to publish new content regularly
  • Create variations in every video to appeal to a wider audience with diverse interests
  • Focus on quality content to engage with viewers and try to boost engagement
  • Optimize your channel and your videos for the search engine to expand your reach
  • Keep the videos short to make the best use of the time
  • Use decent equipment, good editing, and preferably a video marketing team

There are many opportunities that can be explored in video marketing. It’s one of the in-demand job courses too as organizations prefer to use this platform to market their business products and services.

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